The Making Design Easy Workshop

I'll help you THINK LIKE A DESIGNER so you can transform your rooms into chic, magazine worthy spaces!

I know, I know! You're stuck...let's tune into your personal
style and translate it into a home you love!

I'll guide you to create rooms you LOVE without getting caught up in the overwhelm.

The chance to enjoy time at home with your family is such a privilege. A cozy movie night in front of the fire with your kids bundled up beside you.

Making homemade pasta and dining by candlelight with your partner. A corner with sunshine and a breeze through the window to lounge with a good book and a cup of tea…

These are all moments we deserve and yet I come across people every day that, when they find out what I do, are wistful that their house just doesn't feel like a home, nor have the ability to quite capture that magic. That there’s just something missing.  

We start by digging into feeling your space and architecture. Ultimately how to decide sizing and placement of furnishings

Next comes how to choose colors not just that you love but ones that make you feel calm and comfortable or how to show your personality with color

I will be dishing on how to know what you are getting online, plus highlighting Jillian’s favorite shops

Space Planning

Color Love

Selecting Furniture

module one

module two

module three


what to expect

Using and editing a concept board and ensuring harmony with your favorite pieces

How to make a house a home, through personalization and surrounding yourself with things you love (and how to avoid clutter)

Pulling it all together


module four

module five


evolve from house to home

During the last 15 years creating sanctuaries for my clients I have become known for a seemingly elusive concoction; one of an ELEVATED AESTHETIC (think of those special details in your favorite hotel), of COMFORT (think of curling your feet up into a cozy lounge chair), and of LIVABILITY (I personally think of when my kids take an ice cream sandwich into the living room and I don’t have to lose my mind).

SO! I had the idea to put together a course made for you...all of help you create a home elevated in style, comfortable and exactly where you want to be.

And I am sharing my 5 principles for creating just that - 

featured in...

Want to know if this is for you? ( is)

You will get it personal storied takeaways from years in design, the way I consider things in my own house for my family of 6, I even share the secret behind the scenes with my favorite furniture and accessory sources. You even get accountability and support with the new design community my firm is launching this March!

So. Please join me for a lesson that I know will inspire you to dig and encourage you to capture more special moments in the home that you and your family deserve.

you are just starting out in a new home

You just need to tweak the details to make it perfect

you are about to splurge on home furnishings OR if you need to work with what you have

Design books talk about “balance” and “scale” and yes, these are pivotal in the work that I do, but they are the elements that are extremely abstract and difficult to execute. Not to mention picking up a design magazine off the shelf which can provide so much inspiration, but can add to the overwhelm of not knowing where to begin...

Not another 'designer talk' workshop

design resources aren't always resourceful

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In 40 minutes via video I review the 5 tips I utilize to create magazine worthy rooms on a budget...
All family friendly and easy to implement!

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Are you ready for the home of your dreams?